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Incubator for Advanced Technologies

LiveFlo Research Institute combines the LiveFlo Multiphase Flow Technology Center and Environmental Technology Development Center. The institute is responsible for researching and developing oil/gas production and environmental protection related technologies and processes, organic research and technology transfer, training and grooming high-level scientists and technologists, guiding and managing enterprise technology roadmap. It functions as an incubator for advanced technologies, as well as technical support arm for different LiveFlo Groups to ensure their leading positions in the industry.

Current technology development areas include:

  • Onshore / Offshore MPFM
  • Sand Detection and Real-time Measurement
  • Sub-Sea MPFM
  • Multiphase Pumping Systems
  • Subsurface MPFM
  • Non-radioactive MPFM


Oil-gas-water multiphase flow adjusting apparatus and oil-gas-water multiphase flow rate measuring apparatus and measuring method Patent No.:US8087293B2

Multiphase flow will be partially separated in the flow conditioner to reduce gas fraction flow, which will be determined by a dual gamma meter to get WLR. Then together with the total flow rate measured by Venturi and GVF by single gamma meter, Haimo MPFM offers individual flow rates of oil, water, and gas.

Haimo Standard MPFM is based on this patent and got widely used around the world with good test results.

Reference Material: Evaluation of the 3-inch Haimo MPFM IN DOD

Live Flow Tech
Live Flow Tech

Apparatus for widen measuring range of flow meter Patent No.:ZL201220728514.5

Integrated two different sizes Venturi within one meter enables Haimo MPFM to largely expand the measurement range.

This patent enables Haimo MPFM to expand turn-down ratio from 1:10 to 1:30, and more than 200 such MPFMs already been used in both domestic and international markets.

Wet gas flow rate measuring apparatus Patent No.:ZL201220360533.7

With the throttling measurement device measures differential pressure of the total flow and two single gamma meters measuring GVF, the flow meter is able to calculate gas and liquid volume flow rates.

Haimo WGM, based on this patent, had been used at the site and passed the site acceptance test in UAE, which is highly recognized by clients.


Gas liquid separation based meter for well testing Patent No.:ZL200920143913.3

Multiphase flow will be completely separated first in a vertical separator and then in a horizontal separator, and gas and liquid flow rates will be measured in real-time. HPT could be used either for fixed installation or mobile testing.

Haimo is the only supplier in the market that offers large size (bulk) flow meter, which has been widely used around the world and received high recognition from clients.

Real time and in-line gas sampling device for multiphase flow Patent No.:ZL200920144260.0

The gas sampler has a gas-liquid separation barrel that has at least two mist catchers in the top while the middle and bottom parts are gas-liquid hydrocyclone separation section, which helps to further separate gas and liquid two-phase flow in order to extract gas sample.

This patent has been applied together with Haimo standard MPFM and improved the accuracy of WLR measurement at high GVF conditions. In addition, Haimo standard MPFM has been widely applied in domestic and overseas markets.

Live Flow Tech

An integrated device for measuring oil, water, and gas flow rates of multiphase flow within full range Patent No.:ZL201320859265.8

With one Venturi and two dual-gamma meters, and combining a in-line liquid sampler which is based on cyclon and collision effect, the CFRM (Compact Full Range Meter) could be used for both low GVF and high GVF conditions. Venturi is used for total flow rate measurement, and dual gamma meters are used for GVF and WLR measurement.

Haimo CFRM is based on this technology and obtained excellent test results at NEL. Please refer to the NEL report "…..." for more information. (RMSE of liquid flow rate/gas low rate/WLR are 4% (Rel), 5% (Rel) and 1.5 (Abs) respectively).