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Real-time Multiphase Flow Metering

25+ Years of Experience in Providing Cost-Saving Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

Providing a brand-new perspective on production management

Haimo Technologies Group Corp. has been a market leader in the field of multiphase metering for over 25 years, offering our valued clients a comprehensive portfolio of multiphase, wet gas, and water cut meters.

With the launch of our LiveFlo product line, in concert with the OneBox EI Digital Platform, we provide enhanced, state of the art, cost-effective and economical solutions for real-time production monitoring, flow assurance, internal allocation and production facility consolidation. LiveFlo's extensive automation / IoT system provides an integrated platform for production optimization that gathers data from various onsite sensors and can be widely used in the multiple oil and gas industry applications.

  • 500+ Installations Globally
  • 50,000+ Mobile Well Testing Services Successfully Performed Worldwide
  • 80+ Multiphase Flow Metering Related Patents
  • Onebox EI - Leading Position in Digital Oilfield IoT Technology
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