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LiveFlo multiphase flow meters are cutting-edge technology that provide true real-time flow rate for wellhead oil, water, and gas without retention or stabilization time. With the integration of Onebox EI, the LiveFlo system provides solutions for real-time production monitoring, production optimization, and high-efficiency operations management


  • Satisfies ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 Standards
  • Radioactive Material License (US Nationwide)
  • Certified RSO (Radioactive Safety Officer) Service Team
  • UL and CSA Listed

LiveFlo Portfolio

LiveFlo MAX

LiveFlo MAX is a state-of-the-art technology for inline measurement of multiphase flow. The meter allows for accurate measurement of oil, water, and gas flow rates; in a very compact package. Depending upon the requirement, the meter can either be a spool piece or a skid-mounted design with the Onebox EI data gathering system combined to provide real-time flow rates monitoring, remote calibrating and preventive maintenance per customer requirements. 

LiveFlo MAX detects Gas Volume Fraction (GVF) and Water Liquid Ratio (WLR) by gamma-ray technology. The total flow rate of the multiphase stream is measured by the Venturi flow meter. A data acquisition unit (DAU) performs all calculations and converts flow measurements from line to standard condition using a PVT model.


LiveFlo Ultra

LiveFlo Ultra is a compact solution for measuring sand concentration in the unit of pounds per gallon (PPG). The sand detector feature is normally used during drill out and flowback phases after the hydraulic fracturing or permanently installed at the wellhead for production sand monitoring and control purposes. ​

LiveFlo Ultra also detects Gas Volume Fraction (GVF) along with a Data Acquisition Unit (DAU) that performs all calculations and converts flow measurements from line to the standard condition.


LiveFlo Dual

LiveFlo DUAL

LiveFlo DUAL is a combination of 2 gas/liquid two-phase flow meters and a common three-phase water cut meter to provide for the extended turndown ratio and a true life-of-well multiphase measurement solution.

Measurement of the gas and liquid flow rates is carried out in the gas/liquid two-phase meters that consist of 2 different size venturies and their individual single gamma meters. The incoming flow stream is automatically directed to the appropriate venturi by means of a valve that is automatically controlled as per the differential pressure which is being measured.

The conventional Water Liquid Ratio (WLR) measurement accuracy deteriorates with slugging, as well as very high Gas Volume Fraction (GVF). Therefore, in order to provide optimum WLR accurately, the innovative LiveFlo design incorporates a flow conditioner upstream of the dual-energy gamma water cut meter to condition the multiphase flow by mitigating slugs and reducing the higher GVF level. This helps achieve a water cut measurement error within ±2% absolute for the full range of stated GVF in the meter’s operating envelope.


LiveFlo Subsea

LiveFlo Subsea is developed based on Haimo's existing patented topside MPFM with additional new technologies developed to ensure accurate and reliable multiphase flow measurements for more than 20 years under the harsh subsea environments including high internal and external pressures, low temperature, undercurrent shock load and vibration, and corrosion from constant seawater exposure. The measurements are based on the combination of the dual-energy gamma meter and the venturi mass flow meter. The meters are capable of handling oil and gas well flows up to 100% Gas Volume Fraction (GVF). The LiveFlo Subsea provides real-time multiphase flow rates at standard conditions, together with inline pressure and temperature. 

The LiveFlo Subsea is constructed with materials that will stand up to the corrosive environment at the sea bed and corrosion from the production flow. The Subsea meter is equipped with redundant components for double assurance of reliability. With its compact design, the LiveFlo Subsea can be installed both directly on the wellhead for single well measurements or on a manifold for multiple well measurements. All designs are certified by independent third-party DNV GL, and prototype tested and certified at DNV GL in Groningen, Netherlands. 


Onebox EI

Onebox EI is an integrated IoT system for required data collection, processing, transmission, analysis and visualization applied in the smart oilfield. The system includes customized transducers, sensors, on-premises data center, transmitting modules, an online data platform and web apps for data visualization and optimization.

The Onebox EI integrates seamlessly with all LiveFlo products and gathers required real-time data, including flow rates, pressures, temperatures, choke positions, dynamic fluid levels, etc., for production optimization and real-time reservoir analysis. 

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LiveFlo Services

LiveFlo Services & Technical Support
  • Professional RSOs (Radiation Safety Officer) to help manage the sources.
  • Sources can be transferred with the meter.
  • Sources ownership, maintenance, and management can be held by Hiamo if desired, or transferred to customers.
  • Provides MPFM management and maintenance training to customers. 
  • Strictly follow API RP 17S and MPMS 20.3 instructions
  • Provides customers up to a two-year warranty for repair and replacement.
  • 24/7 remote troubleshooting and calibrations are available to ensure data quality.